Portrait Series Photography

Think of this kind of corporate portrait photography as “A Day in the Life” image capture. Really popular for medical professionals, managers, executives, researchers and the media – these shoots involve me following you throughout the day. Capturing mostly candid shots of you doing what you do! We’ll also include some posed portraits that are perfect for website profiles and corporate portraits.




Professional corporate headshots can be taken on-location with or without studio lighting. I have a selection of plain pop-up backdrops or we can select a suitable on-location background.

Headshots are generally from the waist up and they make great staff profile photos for websites, reports, communications and inhouse identification.

Corporate Profile Photography

Corporate profile photography showcases an individual or group in their work environment. Shot on-location Рthese images normally include relevant props or people to accurately document the subject and their skills.

“Day in the Life” photography is an extended version of corporate profile photography and it’s a great way of developing a portfolio of images on a specific subject for profiles, reports, websites and professional development tools.